Create a Zoom account and download instructions.  

You won’t need to do this more than once

Go to

Sign up for an account- its Free!

You will need to enter an email address, and it will send you a confirmation email before you can do anything else.

Go to your email inbox - 

Click the link that Zoom have sent, and it will now ask you to input your name and create a password.  

This is all you need to do! Keep a note of these details.

You must now download Zoom onto your computer or tablet if you haven’t already (see below instructions)

Using Zoom on a computer

Download Zoom

Search for Zoom in your applications 

Click “Pin to Taskbar”, which will pop it on your bottom taskbar so it is easily accessible (Windows)

Click the Zoom icon on the task bar.  

Sign in with your email address and password that you created earlier

Ensure you do not have your keyboard on mute.  Usually this can be changed by the button F1. If you cannot hear someone on screen, it is likely that your keyboard is muted.

To join a meeting that someone else has invited you to:

Click on the link they provided.

This should open up a webpage, and then direct you to the Zoom app which you have downloaded

It will ask you to use your computer audio - approve this

It will also ask you to join by video, click this button.

You will then be joined into the meeting (possibly into a waiting room to be admitted)

When you are admitted, you will then be able to see the other participants

Hover over the bottom left corner and check that your microphone and video are turned on.

Using Zoom on a tablet or phone

Download Zoom on your tablet or phone

Allow microphone and camera access

Login with your email address and password

Click on the link that you have been sent

Video meeting will open

Switch Views

You can also choose the view that you have of other people in the meeting.  To change this, go to the top right corner, and choose either Gallery view or Speaker View.  The person speaking will either be outlined in yellow or the main picture on the page (depending on your setting)

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